Is this screw identical to camera/tripod-screws? 3/8" by sunwayfoto

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Re: Is this screw identical to camera/tripod-screws? 3/8" by sunwayfoto

The two standard sizes used in tripod screws are 1/4-20 and 3/8-16.

The reason for this is that most professional heads require a 3/8-16 screw but an adapter could be used to neck that down to 1/4-20. Most cameras require a 1/4-20 thread so a lot of consumer heads use the smaller size screw.

If you live in any country except the United States, you are on the metric system.  Although there are no metric equivalents for the above mentioned threads, anything designed to fit a head or tripod screw will be in the Imperial size specifications (3/8-16 or 1/4-20).

Any other screw except those that are designed to go into the camera's tripod socket or the tripod head can an will be whatever system the country of origin of the component (tripod, head, camera) normally uses.  A good example is the Super Graphic camera.  Those made in the US are all Imperial threads, those made by Toyo are all metric (except for the tripod socket).

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