Street Photography - Clichés only?

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Re: Troll alert! (n/t)

RoelHendrickx wrote:
I am totally in favour, if it sparks a discussion about how to avoid clichés and the beaten-to-death path in street photography.

Agreed. Since SP is not very much about correct exposure, sharpness or overall image quality as it is about showing something interesting it becomes pretty booring watching one candid style photo after another of random people in the streets doing absolutely nothing interesting at all. Watching their phones, wait by the traffic lights or just plain walking. Is it interesting? Well, not really. Have it been seen before? You bet.

I think people are focusing too much on the candid part of their photos instead of trying to find something that actually draws ones attention to it and combining that with good framing and timing for example.

...or maybe it's just me that have been watching too many photos....?!

I just leave the poor and homeless out of this.

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