Panasonic Decision To Make 100-300 f4 zoom a great idea...

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Re: Maybe they didn't think it could compete

DLBlack wrote:

I have considered the 70-250/2.8 but a new one is somewhat difficult to buy. At least Olympus USA listed them "out of stock" when I last looked. Buying such an expensive lens and knowing that it was design for an out of date camera system (FT) and not for the current MFT and then the adopter is kind of scary. What happens if Olympus decided not to do on-sensor-PFAF on their next camera but instead use something like Panasonic DFD technology on their next high-end camera.

Anyhow, it would be great to see these excellent FT lenses redesigned for MFT cameras.

We've seen big advances in lens design over the last few years and the new m43 lenses benefit from that. Big advantage in the more recent designs.

Good point about not being able to use DOD though I suspect Oly would support it's old lenses. The 70-250mm is too big for me but even if it weren't I wouldn't be tempted because of the focusing issues. So much glass to move.

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