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Re: Halfway to no shutter

Erik Magnuson wrote:

ProfHankD wrote:

Just to be clear, the EFC cameras still have the full shutter mechanism, they just leave the curtain open rather than doing a quick close-then-open to start the exposure from live view.

Not on the NEX-3C and A3000 cameras - why add the extra complexity of a mechanical first curtain when you don't need it? (Note there is no option to turn off EFC on these bodies.) This was discussed on this forum when someone complained you could not turn off the electronic shutter sound.

I hadn't heard that... I don't happen to have either of those models. Interesting. So they must have gotten somebody to make a "half shutter" module for them...?

I'm hoping that the A7S is the first of a new generation of Sony sensors that will all be supporting full-resolution electronic shuttering

Nope. It simply has a 1/30th rolling shutter (easier when you only have 12 MP).


34ms is pretty bad indeed.  So, you basically get the focal-plane temporal distortion equivalent to a mechanical shutter with a 1/30s flash sync speed.  I wonder if that's read-speed limited or if that's just a setting borrowed from the video modes? (Yeah, I can still hope.   )

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