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Re: Trifold Pro ?

fbh dk wrote:

BBbuilder467 wrote:

I'd be interested in that tripod. It reminds me of a super duty version of the Slik Mini I use. I've been watching for something like that. The added height is what I'm after.

How hard is it to level? Is there a fine adjustment with the legs or do they just lock in single positions?

I can find any explanation of how the legs extend/retract. You posted more info than I found on their site.

There is no level, but the ballhead is easy to adjust.

If you want a level I'd go for the MeFoto Day Trip.

I just noticed it on B&H and remember considering buying it, but ended up with the Xsories.

The length of the legs can be adjusted by extending fully (4 segments). Then insert the thinner parts first, locking the legs in the configuration you want. There is no fine adjustment. The extension of the legs is not the best construction. Probably the MeFoto Day Trip works better.

Thanks for responding, but I thought it was a little too good to be true. I'm watching for something quite specific, and that's not it. Thanks anyway.

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