Fuji future sensor technology?

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Re: Fuji future sensor technology?

Caerolle wrote:

afragisk wrote:

Do you have an image that displays that "nothing can match" the dp merill performance at good light ? I found a couple online and I honestly couldn't observe any higher detail than usual in my 30inch is monitor when viewed full size - not 1:1.

A part from that, Fuji is also working on the organic sensor - you may Google it.

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The organic sensor seems to be like fusion reactors. Revolutionary potential that is always the same distance in the future, year after year.

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Not because I think they are good, but because I would like to improve (feel free to provide me with feedback):

you can't say that unless 2017 passes and there is still no sign of an impending organic sensor camera release.  The first widespread fuji/panasonic hype about organic sensors seems to come from an announcement last year, and there was no given timeframe, which means it was at least a good 4 years from production.  A fuji associated photographer mentioned 2016 timeframe.

a practical fusion reactor is i think a much more difficult problem than a consumer organic sensor camera

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