Suggestions for Ultra Compact Lighting Stand?

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Re: Suggestions for Ultra Compact Lighting Stand?

Thanks for all your advice.

I decided to go with John's suggestion of using a smaller stand and extending it. I hadn't even considered that as an option.

I ended up with a Lollipod Tripod / Stand ...

  • Weight: 320gm
  • Closed Length: 320mm
  • Extended Length: 1130mm
  • Max Load: 420gm

... and have added an Pocket XShot Camera Extender, which very handily comes with a tripod socket at the base of its handle ...

  • Weight: 142gm
  • Closed Length: 165mm
  • Extended Length: 775mm
  • Max Load: 570 gm

It has a combined weight of 462gm, and gives a max height of 1905mm. With my camera being 95gm, the total load of 237gm is well within the Lollipod's Max Load.

When fully extended, it takes a few seconds to stop wobbling, and I wouldn't be keen on using it in a lot of wind, but the Lollipod does comes with a stabilizing net to which you can add weight to help secure it.

Going down the extender route obviously adds a few seconds to setting it up, but at 32cm closed length, it fits really well in my bag, and it's nice to have the XShot extender in the toolkit too.

Thanks again for all your input.


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