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Re: Wide aperture - Pictures out of focus

Jizzy wrote:


Most of my pictures are out of focus when I shoot with a wide aperture with my 85mm 1.8 on a 70d.

I focused on the eye with single point AF.
Did I move too much? Or does the lens have front-/backfocus?

f1.8 1/2000 iso 100

thx for your help

Nothing in the photo is particularly well focused and, at 100%, it almost looks like heavy noise reduction (although there shouldn't be at ISO = 100). The model's left eye is better focused than her right so you are reasonably close to the focus point. It's hard to imagine that  it's massive front focus. You might check for front focus on your deck or kitchen table. If it is big enough to get completely in front of the girl at portrait distances you'll notice it without a lot of fussing.

I don't see signs of hand shake and that seems unlikely at 1/2000s. And it's obvious you haven't processed this by looking at the CA around the hair.

The simplest guess is that the lens isn't all that hot at it's weakest point, i.e., wide open. Most f/1.8 lenses need to be stopped down a bit, say to f/2 or f/2.2.


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