Fuji future sensor technology?

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Daniel Keutmann wrote:

Hello everyone,

I just sold my Canon SLR equipment and am now at the point of investing in a new system. Since I find the electronic viewfinders good enough by now it should be a mirrorless camera.

I want an aps-c sized sensor so m43 is not an option. This leaves me pretty much the choice between Fuji an Sony.

I think the Fuji lens line up is much better, I actually struggle to find a decent standard-zoom for sony.

In addition I somehow don't like how sony cameras operate and feel.

So it's all in favour of Fuji... BUT

I heard rumors of canon and sony developing foveon-like sensors. If one of them should succeed in producing such a sensor with decent low light performance I fear that this would mean the end for the other companies (I own a dp merrill - in good light nothing can match it in terms of sheer image quality).

Is Fuji developing anything similar as well?

It would be annoying to invest in Fuji if they can't compete sensor wise...

What are your thoughts on this?

Best regards


I would advise to NOT buy into a system that does not already have the qualities that you want, with the idea of the missing elements coming out. This is true even if that something is on a roadmap, maybe even if it is announced, and most definitely if it is a rumor. I have learned that the hard way, twice, with the two mirrorless systems you are considering. And wound up moving back to a dSLR system to get what I needed.

For a lot of people, of course including the ones in the Fuji X and Sony NEX forums, the existing systems do everything they want as they stand, and are perhaps even the system of their dreams. That may be true for you, too. But do try to go with your head and not your heart on this. At the very least add several months to any due date for any Fuji lenses that you need to fill out your needs. Hope and excitement will not replace actual hardware when it comes to actually taking pictures, instead of talking about the theoretical possibilities of a system.

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