Street Photography - Clichés only?

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Re: my "definition" and some conclusions

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Doss wrote:

wyeman wrote:

IMHO unless you're an architect or a city engineer, SP is people . . .
and people is B&W

There is actually an online forum for C.A.D enthusiasts which is frequented by architects who's designs involve randomly piled bricks on a street with no apparent structure, purpose or skill. But don't tell them that

If you shoot people in color what you see is the color . . .
If you shoot people in B&W what you see is the person . . . IMHO

Careful - start throwing around such clich├ęs and you'll enforce the OP's opinion even more!!

I agree.

Street photography can be in B&W if shapes/textures/geometry dictates that.

But B&W is very often just a convenient convention to make images look more artsy.

Street photography (of people) can most definitely be in colour.

Heck, street photography does not even have to be shot on the street, IMHO.

Street photography is in essence the candid photography of unknown persons in public situations and in a dynamic environment, where the scene changes constantly.

I shoot that kind of stuff often in museums.

Most recently here :

It is in colour, and it is not on the streets.

Now here is the question:

- would this qualify to be shown here (why? why not?)

- and does if feel equally, less or more cliché than what the OP laid his finger on?

i shoot a lot of stuff indoors as well but i don't show it on this forum unfortunately. it features neither street no sky so therefore is decreed "not street" and is ignored. it's in color (mostly) and is neither a long telephoto nor a burst mode grab of pedestrians. i know when to pick my battles.

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