Fuji future sensor technology?

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Re: Fuji future sensor technology?

Daniel Keutmann wrote:

I heard rumors of (...)

Is Fuji developing anything similar as well?

It would be annoying to invest in Fuji if they can't compete sensor wise...

I'd not base a purchase on rumors.

I'd buy a camera based on what the company has out now! It is rather save to say that Fuji will most likely stay with APS for quite a while, and that cameras with more Megapixels and maybe slighly better high ISO capabilities will come out some time, for all new technologies I would not bet. Could be, could not be. Fujii could bring their organic sensor or not.

The Foveon has some qualities, but it also has downsides: Bad high ISO, overly enhanced details that somehow distract from the "Gestalt" of the whole image. And by the way, despite there being no Bayer mask, the amount of total interpolation and math inside the sensor is higher (according to some experts) than in a Bayer sensor.

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