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Here we go........

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So, stop down to about f/8 and you will get a DOF of about 8-10 inches.

Now, you have to ask yourself why did you spend so much money for a f/1.8 lens when you really can't use it wide open for the types of photo's you want to shoot!


Yeah, thats what I am asking myself now

with lenses shot wide open (higher shutter speeds, lower ISO) the u 4/3 format is probably ideal.

Are you serious ???


The FF can do all the m4/3 format does, the m43 does not have a dof advantage, just stop down the lens if you want to have more dof.

what if the subject is moving, e.g. the father/daughter dance at a wedding and you want to use a faster shutter speed and a wide open aperture?   Boost ISO two or three stops on your FF?

It is better to have more choice ( shallow or deep dof) so pretending that the m43 is ideal is nonsense.

not if that wider aperture is unusable for all practical purposes.

A question for you.  What is the DOF of an 85mm, f/1.8 lens on a FF camera at say 8 feet?  What scenario is this usable?

Now, look at a  42mm  (same FOV as 85mm on FF) 4/3 lens at f/1.2.  What is the DOF at the same distance?   That is the advantage.

Also, have a look at the prices of the very "fast" m43 lenses (not so fast considering the sensor size...).

Also, the sensor aspect ratio is a better match for printing than the 3/2 format so you aren't cropping so much.

I would say that neither format have an advantage. I personnaly believe that the 3/2 format is the best compromise (and best viewed on a monitor display) but the 4/3 is better for portrait. I just crop a bit, this is not a big issue..

8" x 10", 11" x 14', 5" x 7".  Which format is closer to those dimensions?  3:2 or 4:3?

With the camera you have, f/4 is about as wide open as you can go for a head and shoulders shot and your focus placement has to be perfect. It is worse with FF if that is any consolation.

Worse with FF ? I don't think that "worse" is the right terminology. Again, FF gives you more choice.

Except half of that choice is unusable for all practical purposes.

The real DOF benefit of FF is wide angle wide open shallow DOF shots.  That is something a 4/3 sensor camera just can't do.  Also, FF is still better at really high ISO's



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