New FZ1000!

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Re: New FZ1000!

Jack Brandt217 wrote:

Could it be that with the frenzy to be the first to get this hot new camera Panasonic is relaxing their usual tight QC protocols to get them to market and fulfill the demand???


No, I will be blunt. When new cameras come out I have noticed that there will be a number of posts showing some awfull I.Q. I have seen it several times but it is not the type of thing a camera can screw up. I think its called trolling. It has been warned about by others. Usually it is a new  "member" with few previous posts.

Just stick with the DPreview and IR reviews, and posts from the guys you know on here. I have had  Panasonics since 2004 and they have more credibility than some guy from who knows where.

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