Street Photography - Clichés only?

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Re: Troll alert! (n/t)

TroiD wrote:

dick wrote:

Zubu Barunda wrote:

dw2001 wrote:

I'm not trolling, have you looked in this forums galley?

You make an uneducated cliché presumption about the SP, which in its provocative tone is aimed to denigrate the work of people who post on this forum.

In what other words than trolling would you describe your action?

The last time I checked, people over here (U.S.A.) were entitled to express an opinion, good or bad, just as you did. I'll bet most of us will choose to ignore yours.

You're wrong, Dick. I agree with Zubu.

And I would say that he makes a provocative statement about what he perceives to be the general content of street photography (at least what is shown here).

If that feels denigrating to some, then maybe that is because they recognize themselves in the slightly exaggerated characterization.

I am totally in favour, if it sparks a discussion about how to avoid clichés and the beaten-to-death path in street photography.

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