Strictly for the Real Fans & High ISO Nuts (A6000)

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Strictly for the Real Fans & High ISO Nuts (A6000)

I wanted to share a few more of my Disney vacation photos, but don't expect this to be a particularly popular post or highly viewed/rated - and that's perfectly OK - this is strictly for the big Disney fans, oddballs who like to shoot these types of scenes, those who have prior experience shooting this type of subject who can appreciate the unique challenges, and real high ISO fans that just love any high ISO shooting.

This category is:  Dark Ride photography.  For those who don't know what that is - there's a small subset of Disney photography enthusiasts who enjoy the particular challenge of shooting the insides of the various themed rides at the Disney parks, in particular the 'dark' rides where the light is very low.  The challenges in some cases are obvious - very very low light requiring very high ISO and very fast lenses, for one thing...the fact that you're shooting from a moving ride car, for another.  But other challenges include the horrendously variable and highly color-casted lighting in some of the ride areas...and also trying to get the shot without people's heads in the way, emergency-exit signs in the background, or other interferences which ruin the 'ambiance' and authenticity of the scene.  Most of these rides forbid use of flash photography - and even if they did allow it, it would not be very pleasant to use it as much of what Disney hides in the darkness of the scene would take away the entire careful composition and display of it - roof materials, pipes, wires, exit paths, doors, etc.

It's understandable that some may think "who in the heck wants to take a photo of plastic mannequins arranged into a scene?", or "why do I care about the ride I took - I'm just on it to entertain the kids!".  Perfectly valid thoughts.  I can't explain it - some like the challenge, the lighting, the fun of playing with high ISO, and the memories it brings back of rides you've known since you were a kid...I guess that's me - I just enjoy it!  In case anyone else here might also enjoy such oddball photography, here you go - and if not, by all means don't worry about offending me by saying so, or ignoring it - if I get no comments, I'm OK with that because I know this is a pretty tiny subset of people who would even care about this type of shooting!!  All shots are with the A6000 and SEL35mm F1.8 lens:

From The Haunted Mansion - a corpse rising from the grave (ISO6400, F1.8)

Haunted Mansion - the ghost bride (ISO1000, F1.8)

Living with the Land - a farmhouse scene of a rooster on a mailbox (F2, ISO6400)

Spaceship Earth - Muslim scholars having coffee (ISO6400, F1.8)

Spaceship Earth - early printing techniques (F1.8, ISO6400)

Pirates of the Caribbean - dead pirates rotting on a beach (F1.8, ISO6400)

Pirates - Auctioning the wenches - everyone wants the redhead (F1.8, ISO6400)

Pirates - treasure maps (F1.8, ISO6400)

Pirates - three jailed pirates left to die as the fort burns down...trying to tempt a dog holding the key to come to them (F1.8, ISO6400)

Pirates - Captain Jack Sparrow sitting in his treasure room (ISO8000, F1.8)

Those who have been to Disney World will probably be very familiar with all these rides...but for those who are not:

Haunted Mansion is a classic 'ghost' ride in Magic Kingdom, and one of Disney's 'original' older rides...a 'soft' haunted ride - it's not really meant to scare too much, but to just ride through a haunted house with lots of fun-loving spirits and ghosts.

Living with the Land is a boat trip in Epcot Center's Land pavilion that takes you through various stages and types of farming throughout the world, as well as through a real greenhouse with lots of experimental growing techniques and vegetables & fruits used within the Land pavilion's food court restaurants.

Spaceship Earth is a ride-car within the iconic 'golf ball' that sits in the middle of Epcot center - it traces the history of communication in the world, from cave drawings through the modern internet era, and beyond.

Pirates of the Caribbean is the ride in Magic Kingdom that came before the movies - the ride inspired the movie series, and in turn the movies helped -re-imagine' the ride by incorporating movie references into the ride.  It's *close* to a Disney original ride - it actually debuted after the original Disneyland park opened but quickly became their most popular and iconic rides - it's a boat ride through the Spanish Caribbean as the pirates invade, pillage, and rob (they used to rape as well, but they took out those references as we became a more sensitive, politically correct society).

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always.

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