How important is video in your DSLR ?

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Re: How important is video in your DSLR ?

JimC1101 wrote:

I am sure that Pentax will not completely abandon video from any DSLR, but maybe Pentaxians are more interested in stills with video as is is just ok. Of course, the poll is a very small sampling of what others have posted but for the most part, we seem to be photographers more so than videographers. Again, if I was looking for a DSLR with better video, I would probably choose Canon but, what I look for is low light high iso shots and Canon fails miserably in that regard, at least in my perception.

I am happy being with Pentax for what it is. I would rather be focused on one area rather than trying to be all things to all people and they don't have the resources to do that. There are a lot of things they are trying to do right and the fact that they are simply adequate in video is fine with me. Sure the K-3 is still not a true video camera, but it is much much better than Pentax ever improved upon up to that point. I think Pentax is doing fine and the Ricoh income statements seem to show that they are going in the right direction, maybe just slower than most would like.

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Just saying that Pentax likely haven't much choice in the matter. They have to follow the market like all companies, and if the market is moving in the direction of more emphasis on video, which I think it is, then Pentax is bound to follow. Just look at the huge success of GoPro which has arrived from nothing in a pretty short time.

This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with Ricoh's cameras and personally, I've no interest in video. It's all up to Ricoh, of course. They have the resources to do whatever they want. In fact, in the Q, they have a platform they could probably "GoPro" themselves if they really wanted.

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