Second hand Pentax gear expensive ???

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Second hand Pentax gear expensive ???


(however, the above is partially at the heart of my research)

Ok, scenario....... have a K5IIs, Kx and several nice lenses. Looking at an upgrade / additional body for some paid work coming up and with a view to eventually going full time.

The usual question is, go FF or upgrade to k3 and use current lenses which is a very very cost effective option.

The old FF vs aps-c question comes up, and for me it's a genuine consideration - I can see a difference and I can see the benefits for me........ so looking at possibility of low mileage used D800 / 5D Mk3 etc, I see that due to the vastly greater volume of Canikon's, there are plenty of well priced ones for sale. You know the type....I bought this, but don't have time (but too much money) and going over seas or need to buy an anniversary present for the missus.... etc, (with 7k activations) $2000 o.n.o !!!

The prices are pretty good, because they're not experts, they've purchased a brand that's popular and therefore readily available, happy to take a cut because they have too much money anyway..............lenses are good prices too, say L glass or an 85mm Nikon f1.8 etc.

Pentax on the other hand seem to be owned and sold by people who have this inflated idea of gear value once it walks out the door, think that because it's hard to find or something? that they can sell it for lots, and the old ......... possibly coming out with a FF in the next whenever.... and so my old lenses must be worth soooo much. People trying to sell low mileage slightly used K3's for what you can get them for new, K7 kit with a few assorted lens.... and a free bag (yay-so much value) for $1300.

Not to mention the price of Pentax glass, making it feasable for me to sell my 12-24, 50-135 and 17-50 plus body for well and truly enough to straight swap for a similar low mileage FF kit.

The local cash sale web site called Gumtree (Australian only??) is full of overpriced Pentax gear and reasonably priced Canikon stuff.

Now, i'm not in a hurry to get rid of my K mount stuff, I can see the benefit of keeping two systems, hedging my bets, having smaller aps-c for some work and FF for other stuff. e.g. D800 and back up K5IIs for weddings with the Kx sitting in the background just in case.

Not sure what you guys see over in the states or elsewhere, but I think brand new Pentax bodies and new Sigma/Tamron gear is the way forward for $$$ value in Pentax land, especially here in Aus. But in terms of good used stuff, especially FF, the sheer volume makes a strong case for going elsewhere.

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