Pocket M43 - GF5 vs GM1 ??

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Pocket M43 - GF5 vs GM1 ??

I`ve been thinking about a large-pocketable M43 to leave my superb copy of the 14mm F2.5 on as an everywhere to replace a small compact .. the two options I`m thinking of are a used GF5 at under £100 or a used GM1 body at aboput £250 . Both have plusses and minuses .. Ruled out the GF6 because used ones are rare and overpriced and new ones are in the used GM1 ballpark

GM1 Plusses - far better sensor - smallest of all - doubles up as a silent shooting cam with electronic shutter mode - Wifi - no shutter shock

GM1 Minuses - Reports of rolling shutter in Electronic mode & limiting DR in 10bit RAW - Mech shutter limited to 500th sec - moans about handling (I found the EOS-M all screen and no where to hold it and a poor dial , the GM1 does look a bit better here)

GF5 Plusses - Price (almost free) - better handling - Battery life - sensor still sharp and although the old 12Mp low-DR unit, probably better DR than the GM1 in 10bit mode ?

GF5 Minuses - Bigger, slower, noisier, lower rez, Shutter shock ?

Dunno . my fears are 1:- that the GF5 wouldn't be small enough to grab instead of the EM5 I already have and the reports on the GM1`s shutter based limitations would compromise the thing too much . I`m not into stopping down that lens beyond F4 unless I have to as it loses rez to diffraction so the cam would be in 10-bit mode most of the time in nice weather (not good) .

Any thoughts ?

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