A few Ruby-throated HBs (in-training)

Started Aug 4, 2014 | Photos thread
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A few Ruby-throated HBs (in-training)

I've enjoyed looking at Ron's and others' photos of hummingbirds from all over. Apparently, the northeastern U.S. only has Ruby-throated HBs. When the males' throats aren't catching the light, they're pretty darn dark! I learned from a HB website that most of our adults are probably gone now and those I'm seeing now are probably this years' juveniles.

I've been 'stalking them' at our bee balm over the last few days. There's only a few at our place. They tend to visit the flowers for about a minute, then move somewhere (out of sight) for 10-15 minutes before returning. What I initially thought were females I think are really juvenile males whose ruby throats are still developing.

So...I have to 1) wait for them to show up, 2) hope they do so when the light is favorable and 3) be able to focus as they flit about--very quickly. Nothing new there; you all know the drill. I love the image quality of the Pentax DA* 300 mm, but for HBs, I think the Sigma 50-500 HSM focusing is more responsive. (Your mileage may vary...)

These were all taken with the K5-II using natural light only and I'm pleased with them. I do find I get rid of many more than I keep, but when it works, it works!

Pentax DA* 300 mm; 1/1600 sec;  f/5.0; ISO 800

Pentax DA*300 mm; 1/1600 sec.; f/5; ISO 800

Sigma 50-500 @ 500 mm; 1/2000 sec; f/7.1; ISO 1600

Sigma 50-500 @ 500 mm; 1/2000 sec.; f/7.1; ISO 1600

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