How important is video in your DSLR ?

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Re: How important is video in your DSLR ?

JimC1101 wrote:

Yes but I just wanted to focus on the Pentax forum, of which I spend a majority of my time on, too much time if you ever talked to my wife. I am sure that if I polled a general question for any video users, or if I was to post this poll in the Canon or Nikon forum, I would see a completely different result. Video is very important to those users but for us who shoot Pentax, in my opinion, stills is what is important to us. That is why I wanted to be Pentax specific so I could see how other Pentax users feel to see if I am in the same boat as they are. For me, I shoot a small video cam when I am on vacation or a specific event and use it. I use my K-30 at times if a video opportunity arises and I use the movie mode, but I am usually taking stills at that time and will think, hey, this would be a great quick video and I shoot it. I like shooting with it and like the videos it produces, and use Adobe Premeir for all of my video needs, but to others, I am sure they want and need more than what Pentax video provides and to them it is not good enough.

Fortunately though the distinction between video-centric and photo centric bodies may be coming to a close; Is the new 12Mp FF Sony sensor better for video or high iso photos, whould you say? DPReviews' photo samples for the A7s show an exceptional high iso IQ, but why not use a chip you've already paid for to its full photo and (superb) video potential?

Paying some 400-600 quid (or more) for a dedicated imaging machine in a smart-phone-everywhere world should at least buy you a decent all around imaging performer, I would think.

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