Panasonic Decision To Make 100-300 f4 zoom a great idea...

Started Jul 31, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: The rumor is that Panasonic is cancelling the 100-300 F4.

I will buy a 100-300f4 the minute it comes out. The current version is useless for action. Went to Formula one grand prix, the 14-140mm worked great but was too damn short. The 100-300 was useless, I shot 3000 photos just to get 4-5 keepers. Its slow to focus, framerate drops to 1fps if using anything than wide open aperture, evf freezes much more than with the 14-140, and ois is poor for action must be switched off.

This to me is a current limitation of m4/3 system, cannot shoot action with a longer than 280 equiv lens.

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