Poor 810 sales

Started Aug 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Not really - but Thom Hogan has poor ad revenues... :)

If you'll excuse me, I'll use the same type of "evidence" as Thom to back that statement. My own loosely gathered intel from non-verifiable sources with no real knowledge of the matter.

IMO Thom is slowly - but steadily - moving closer to a kind of Ken Rockwell status. That is; he can be entertaining, but it's been a long time now since I really took anything he says as being even remotely related to reality and verifiable facts.

We need opinionators and people not afraid to voice their views. But we also need to make sure we never accept those views as facts - they're one person's opinions and interpretations. They are NOT in any way "true" in the way the leading word in that sentence - truth - is defined in any normal English dictionary.

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