How important is video in your DSLR ?

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Re: How important is video in your DSLR ?

JimC1101 wrote:

I like the responses here already and they have all been very good indeed. I am glad my post and poll generated some thought into what has been said, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

For those of us who have been on this for forum for a long time, we look at the photos of what are posted and some of us think arghhhh, another flower photo again, and though they may not be the pics that would be that I would post here, many do and that is what is great in a forum such as this, we all show what we like, and choose what we want. For me, I not only look at the content, but what is in the EFIX. I always look at certain forum regulars and look at most of the ones I like for many reasons. Mike, for example, who shoots many BIF or airshows and others may think uggghhh but I look at his pics and see a very fine portfolio that I both look at and learn from by looking at his settings. He is one example I use here but there are many others that I look at too. There are many people who take photos here don't ever go past the Auto mode on their camera and some may never even know what EFIX is. That is what is great about shooting photos, too each his own.

What I like is that this forum is a cross-section of what people look at here is all things Pentax. I know that if I posted this poll in Canon or Nikon, their requirements would most likely be a lot different since video is very important to them. That is great and if I was to choose a DSLR with video in mind, I would have chosen another manufacturer, but I chose Pentax for what its strengths and weakness are, and I chose Pentax for what I wanted, and I have been very happy with it.

It is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy  video on Pentax DSLR's is apparently not terribly good, people who want to use their DSLR's to shoot video will probably not buy Pentax or move from Pentax. Those of us who don't shoot video are going to concentrate on Pentax's other features.

Don't know if I count as "old" (I'm 53) but I don't shoot wildlife! OTOH I do shoot lots of railway pictures, see FlickR ArleImages) one of my fellow Railway Photters uses a Pentax K30 for stills and an Olympus Pen (not sure which model, but not a particularly new one) for video and couldn't be happier!


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