Poor 810 sales

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Re: facts please

It's probably a safe bet that the D810 is not selling as many as previous D800 models. While there will be 'collectors' out there who can afford to add the latest and greatest, the vast majority, including serious pros (who are known to hang on to their current equipment for much longer if owned by them), will hang on to the very capable cameras they currently possess (is there any real reason to 'update' with the D810?). When considering the smaller mirrorless VS DSLR, in my own case I have both Fuji and Nikon with the former (X-E1/E2/Pro1 each with a different lens attached - 18-55/35/14) being used for holidays/travel/street while the D610 and DF are used exclusively for music gigs and portraiture (www.shakenstir.co.uk). And that will be it for me for several more years regardless of what is released.

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