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facts please

Technically speaking the D810 is probably up there with best DSLRs on the market today, but it's also easier to decide not to jump into the next iteration of camera when the one you've already got is 99% going to continue to hit the high notes.

No problem

Also, a lot of people have moved from DSLRs to mirror-less Systems, specifically Fuji. Why? Because they're much improved and a lot has changed in this market since the D800 was released. It's liberated a lot of photographers I know. People who used to be devoted Nikon or Canon photographers have in some numbers moved on, un phased, un excited, and unimpressed that there is a new DSLR to blow another 3k on.

it may not be the whole story, but there has been a seismic shift in the pro-sumer and pro markets, particularly the weddings and lifestyle end of things, and that shift has been towards smaller, lighter, and very capable CSCs.

Where's the proof? The numbers? The facts? OK, a bunch of wannabe amateurs may have jumped ship to smaller cameras that still fuel their fantasies (hence, the huge backlash when someone mentions they may not be as capable) but every single statistic suggests that the weapon of choice for any pro is the full size dSLR.

Once more, no customer who knows anything is going to hire someone who chooses a system because "it's lighter." My wedding isn't going to be impacted by your inability to carry the tools of your trade, and I'm not going to be happy if you show up with the same camera my kid just got for Christmas.

In Los Angeles every other kid is going to art or film school, and it's easy to get a crew of amateurs to do a full wedding with pro level video and camera equipment--all kids making extra money during while they learn their craft. From Hong Kong to San Francisco, the big, pro level wedding event is the new norm. Come here w/a mirrorless and look like a gunslinger with a knife.

Bottom line is, you say a seismic shift, but I see poor sales for mirrorless and dSLR's alike.

Personally, I'd love a D810, but I don't need one any more. It would be an expensive toy, and my cameras really have to earn their keep. It might be worth hiring one for the studio once in a while, but not a regular thing.

Every working pro has to make their own business decisions, and it certainly seems reasonable not to add a D810 if you have a D800.

2 years ago I would have bought one on release but I'll pass on this today because I have better options for the kind of photography I do in 2014.

Smaller options. Cheaper ones maybe. Not even close to better.

I'm not the only one.

Of course an incremental upgrade won't sell as much as totally new product. What that has to with mirrorless I have no idea.

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