Wide aperture - Pictures out of focus

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Re: Wide aperture - Pictures out of focus

Antioch wrote:

Shooting at F1.8, depth of field is approximately 0.8 feet. And shooting at 1/2000 sec, would freeze any movement. Anyway, after viewing at 1:1, no part of the image is in focus.

You claim, that you focused on the eyes, but the eyes on the right side of the image, meaning that you recomposed. Also not clear, whether you were using AF-S or AF-C or something else. It appears, you may have focused elsewhere inadvertently, or you camera is screwed up.

99% of the time, it is operator error.

I chose an AF point on the right side:

AF-mode was AF-S. I agree with you, its mostly the photographers "fault", thats why I am looking for tips/input.

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