D4 vs D810 AF thread update - D810 side of the story

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D4 vs D810 AF thread update - D810 side of the story

I shot the D4 with 300 2.8VR and TC 1.7II  I always found the 1.7 to be a bit of a lugger so I gave the advantage to the D810 by shooting the D810 with the 1.4II  On the D4 and my D800e, the 1.4II has no noticeable effect on the AF.  It had been cloudy until about 15 minutes before I got to the location. I was hoping for it to stay cloudy to control the highlights, but oh well...........

All images cropped from about 10% to 35%

Here's some shots from yesterday with the D810. No PP done, as noted below.

Sun was almost set when I shot this one. Some degeneration where I dropped speed to 1/500

as opposed to running up ISO

D7100 shot today 500mm end of Sigma 150-500  probably in 1.3X crop mode as well  Plus image crop


Pushing the AF such as this, the D4 bests the D810.  D4 shot 9 pt / D810 group and 9 pt ( 9 pt might have been the better option for this )  I gave the advantage to the D810 by shooting the 1.7TCII on the D4 while using the 1.4TCII on the D810. I'll try the 1.7II with the D810 at a later date, but probably not going to be a good combination.

D4 probably had 5% to 10% out of focus shots compared to 30% +/- for the D810. The D4 would seamlessly grab focus ( you'd wonder if it had it ), but the D810 compared to the D4 always felt like you had to say "come on - you can do it"  Without comparing the two the D810 would probably feel fast, but not comparing the two together.  As I suspected, when action happened suddenly and unexpected in front of you, the D4 might miss the first shot, but would "catch up" immediately, grab focus, and string off 15 or 20 in focus shots with ease. When the same unexpected action happened with the D810, it missed the first shot, and just  never established focus through out the sequence. But if I could anticipate it, the D810 would fire off a string of in focus shots. So the unexpected action contributed to the higher percentage of OOF shots on the D810. Shooting a 95mb/s SD card as my main card, I never max'ed out the buffer once. D800e and my previous D800 would max out constantly. D800 / D800e could not manage a long burst of in focus shots either, particularly my April 2012 D800

D810 is a keeper as I knew it would be. In all but my most demanding situations, AF is fantasic. Colors you see are basically right OOC. And you can crop so deep and still see sharpness. All I did was open them in Faststone Image Viewer, crop, tone down some highlights on a couple and saved them as a jpg. Any serious PP to be done later.

All my opinion of course, but my opinion is what matters to me. 

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