How important is video in your DSLR ?

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Re: How important is video in your DSLR ?

MightyMike wrote:

chiane wrote:

Old people that shoot wildlife have no use for video, so this forum is not a fair place to ask the question. It doesn't represent the buying public at large.

And just how old do you think some of us are? Or how young do you think the buying public is? Where would you use video? and Why do you think "old" people shoot wildlife? This is actually quite a diverse forum and a darn good cross section of the marketplace IMO... What other forum would you ask this question in to gauge the response from Pentax owners? According to your post the buying public are young people who shoot everything but wildlife, they always use video and don't hang out on this internet forum! Is this a correct understanding of what you're trying to convey?

I would be willing to bet the majority of regulars on here are of retirement age, so yes, that's old. If this is Pentax's market, they are really screwed in the coming years, if you know what I mean. I think the 'other' Pentax forum is a much better cross section of Pentax owners btw. This place is full of old crusties that hate change, hate new features, and would pretty much all sign up for a no nonsense k1000 slr but in digital form. You think you find that in Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Canon forums? Those buyers actually like video. What do you think they all use it for? They sell cameras 10 fold compared to Pentax.

This forum I don't feel is representative of Pentax's market at all. Tell me what market Pentax makes colored k50's for? It's not you guys. Have you seen many k50 owners in here, or one's that don't have a black dslr (God forbid)? NO! Probably like 2 people own one. And this place has like a 50/1 wildlife to human life picture posting ratio. There's probably been like one post with actual humans in the gallery in the last 3 months I think.

And as for video, I use it to capture life's archival moments and many times it's a better archival tool than stills. Why would this never dawn on you, because you never shoot pictures of people or things personal. Shooting some bif or a big horn sheep is all about something completely different. I can understand why you don't want video. It's sad you can't comprehend why others do. And no, I don't need to carry another dedicated video camera if I want to shoot video. It's not one or the other.

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