FZ1000 slow motion 300/360 fps

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Re: FZ1000 slow motion 300/360 fps

stevelilly wrote:

David 247 wrote:

CallMeAlan wrote:

My FZ1000 doesn't show what that guy's does at 3'37" ! I only seem to have 100fps at 1080, i.e., High Speed Video on or off. Anybody agree/disagree?

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I suspect that the feature was not incorporated into the final release. He probably had an early version. He only showed it in the menus but did not use it. There cold have been problems with the additional frame rates that couldn't be corrected in time for release. Maybe they will return but maybe not. Hard to know if it was software or hardware issues, but the consensus now seems to be that it is not available in the final firmware. Important to keep in mind that the early preview units received by many reviewers are not final production cameras.

Wish the additional capability was true, but now it looks like it is not.

On the upside, Imagine Resource has confirmed that clean HDMI output is possible, with qualifications. http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2014/07/31/the-panasonic-fz1000-can-output-clean-hdmi-video

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Mine only has yes or no but records at 120 fps... same as an iPhone 5S.

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Hi stevelilly,

Not having a camera in hand...and with Panasonic's poor documentation on the High Speed functionality...I can only hope that this is not so.

That it turns out to be so, that the camera had 240 fps @ 720P in its pre-release review models as seen in the above linked video and now ships without, this comes as very disappointing news from Panasonic.

I can think of a variety of users and applications for such functionality...sports analysis, coaching, educators, cinematographers, nature/wildlife studies, weather/tornado/lightning analysis, birding, insect motion studies, advertisement, wedding and sports shooters, and on and on.

Me, I was looking more for nature related video aspects...all sorts of critters and natural phenomena which could use 240 fps @ 720P treatment.

That it turns out that Panasonic killed off this feature, as others here have suggested...well, then it'll be a no-sale on my end...there will be plenty of other 4K cameras coming around the corner!

Jimmy G

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