My first sky replacement - Critique please

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Car Scene car shadow has Front-Left sun position vs New Sky highlighted clouds w/sun right rear

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

I am finally getting serious about doing more advanced post processing. Up until now I have been focusing my efforts on learning how to use my E-M1 and the quirks of each of my three lenses. I've been trying to learn about composition. And I've been trying to tweak more and more advanced in Lightroom.

This is the first time I've ever done anything close to this.

The first one is what I would have normally been stuck with after using Lightroom.

The second one is what I ended up with.

The third is where the new sky came from.

Car Scene car shadow has Front-Left sun position vs New Sky highlighted clouds w/sun right rear

Let me know how I can do better.

My process was:

  1. Do as much as I can in Lightroom
  2. Edit in Photoshop Elements 10
  3. Use Topaz Remask to mask out the sky
  4. Back to Elements
  5. Find a sky that look decent in my existing photos

match skies at least with sun in similar position: front+ front, left+left, rear+rear, right+right

  1. File | Place and select my sky photo
  2. Cntrl - T to free transform to get something that looked nice

Do you take your own sky shots or use those you can find on line?

shadows are dead giveaways as are wrongway lit skies

worse, if one had visible celestial objects (moon phases wrongway round vs sunset/rise wrongway round; even rainbows in the wrong position (easy to tell whichway sunlight is shining wrongway round)

getting the scene with a modified new sky lit wrongway round always look fake

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