RRS BH55 panning question

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Re: RRS BH55 panning question

Nobody answered why  have panning in the first place. Panning is an important feature that addresses real world challenges.

Take a football game as an example. The action moves primarily from left to right. You can follow the game by panning alone. And when you pan, you don't disturb the lens position in any other axis. ]

If you were to do the same thing by unclamping the ball, then all your up/down settings of the lens go out the window too.

With panning alone, you keep the ball clamped and simply sweep the lens left to right.

In movies, where the equipment gets quite heavy. the camera operators greatly simplified those long tracking shots of cowboys chasing Indians by restricting lens movement to tracking only.

Constantly unclamping a ballhead isn't always needed and adds a ton of work for the shooter. Just look at those jittery, handheld videos shot by amateurs.The first thing to go out the window is the horizon line. You get a headache because the shot is rarely level. The jumpy image is another matter.

But which panning on a bullhead, the shot is at least level.

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