Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Yeah, but it is grossly overstated IMO

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I've got both a6000 and a7. I use the a7 mostly for astrophotography and other low light situations. It really excels at that. It would excel at most any kind of photography, but you need a higher skill set to get great results with a FF on a consistent bases. A FF camera will quickly point out your weaknesses in photographic skills.

As much as I love the a7, my walk around camera is the a6000. Two reasons: One, I already have a lot of lenses for APS-C, so I have more lens versatility with the a6000 than I currently do with the a7. Two, the portability of the a6000 combined with ease of getting fantastic images without much effort makes it ideal for my "go to" camera.

Why do you believe that photography with a fulll frame camera requires any more skill than photography with a crop sensor?

Because unlike you I actually own and use one. Just google that idea and you will see this theme repeated often. A FF camera is capable of much greater detail, and with that extra detail comes the ability to see more errors.

Put me down for feeling that there is no significant difference.

Even my A7R is just not that demanding.  Keep shutter speed a little higher than normal to extract full detail.

Not really as much of a biggie as it is made out to be.

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