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So, stop down to about f/8 and you will get a DOF of about 8-10 inches.

Now, you have to ask yourself why did you spend so much money for a f/1.8 lens when you really can't use it wide open for the types of photo's you want to shoot!


Yeah, thats what I am asking myself now

Yes - just get a P&S - no probs with DOF there!

It is worth spending a bit of time checking what your lens can do wide open and stopped down a touch. But as pointed out elsewhere the focus confirmation can kick in sooner than you think and not necessarily on what you thought it focussed on. Use static subjects and if you haven't got a tripod then find something to stand the camera on and use a time delay.

Also double check your technique. Need to be very precise and steady.

would have gotten that shot with that camera/lens combination at that aperture and distance. The DOF was just too narrow. Check a DOF table. In the days of film SLR's, an 85mm lens (and also 105mm portrait lenses) usually had a maximum aperture of f/2.8 for exactly that reason.

The 85mm lenses usually had either f/2 or f/1.8. And there were many reasons why the apertures were like that - modest size and price were still possible, strong blur and fast enough speed for low light.

Having "too thin" DOF was never an issue. Even in the film days people knew that one can stop down a lens.

When 85mm f/1.8 lenses came out, they were considered to be a very specializes lens to get a very special, i.e. "unusual" look (advertising). You wouldn't have taken a shot like that for a paying portrait client.


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