Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Re: Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

Jefenator wrote:

If you pixel peep a lot, IME it's no contest - with a decent legacy lens, the A7 gets me much closer to a true 24MP capture than the NEX-7 with a sharp e-mount prime, time after time after time. (Done plenty of A/B'ing.) Also, the colors: definitely more vivid yet natural. (At least compared against my NEX-7 - I can't speak to the A6000.) Low light also seems dramatically better and I do enough of that to make it worthwhile for me. I also enjoy the A7 interface more - menus, controls and most of all the EVF.

But I'm shooting all legacy glass on my A7 - dedicated FE optics will not be in my budget for a while and certain applications (like ultra-wide) aren't even available quite yet.

If you don't pixel peep so much (and you probably shouldn't - it's a terrible habit) the NEX-7 is still a monster. I have a 20x30" print made with the Sigma 30mm that looks amazing from a sensible viewing distance. I still appreciate the smaller size and snappier shutter feel.

As always, the more you wait, the more you save. I just had to get my A7 last December and have no regrets, except maybe a little twinge when I see them on sale now for $200 less, with 4% back and a very useful bundle (including a good memory card and the $100 leather case). In another year I'm sure they'll be all over eBay for well under a grand and there should be some better lens deals eventually. (With all my legacy glass I am quite happy to go ahead and bide my time for the latter.)

Against the Nex-7, the A7 offers a lot aside the larger sensor and larger EVF housing.

But against the A6000, the A7 loses the faster PDAF, and offers the same Boinz-X processor, same (almost) UI, same kind of other features.

Having to pixel peep to spot the differences means that they are fairly close.

To me, the two cameras are complementary, and I use then slightly differently. The A7 is a more rewarding camera, but carries a higher price tag, takes up more bulk, and needs larger lenses.

The A6000, to me, is a very enjoyable camera in its own right, perhaps even more so than the Nex-7, but their IQ is very similar.

High ISO, sure, the A7 wins. DR. sometimes. Pixel peep? Not always - the A6000 tends to yield more keepers in 'snapshot' style.

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