Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Re: Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

ProfHankD wrote:

BTW, my A7 averages only a tad better IQ than my NEX-7.

No offense intended, but wouldn't it be more accurate to say it's You+A7 that yields only a tad better IQ than You+NEX-7? Everything else being equal, A7 IQ should be better.

When one is much better than the other, it's because of lens issues. When APS-C wins, it's usually due to dark FF corners (I'm talking about old lenses designed for full frame)

I'd say this 'win' for crop would be dependent on lens(es) used, how dark is dark, and whether simple corner correction results in visible loss or if corner shading is undesirable for the subject in question. I personally prefer at least some vignetting for a variety of my shots. Not every subject is landscape or architecture requiring perfect even clarity and brightness from edge to edge.

; when FF wins, it's usually because the lens can't resolve anything close to 24MP on APS-C.

FF wins for DR and SnR starting pretty much at base ISO and all the way up.

You've gotten used to having some great APS-C crop lenses, so I think you'd be seriously hurting to move to an A7 without lenses that give comparable performance on it.

When I first got my A7 kit, I was using my 55-210 and 20mm all the time. Got some great, better-than-10MP crops.

If your upgrade desire was really to move to FF, rather than to improve focus speed, the A7R's APS-C crop mode might give you a smoother transition from APS-C to FF (the A7 APS-C crop mode is only 10MP, and definitely feels like a step down from the NEX-7 and arguably even the NEX-5).

Should be noted that the A7R provides its own sets of disadvantages along with the bump in resolution (no EFC shutter, no PDAF, more expensive, more prone to corner issues, more likely to reach lens sharpness limits and exhibit shutter vibration).

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