Poor 810 sales

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Re: Poor 810 sales - not where I am

Yes, I believe the lack of sales is a bunch of bull.  Most people who wanted and possibly needed the d810 worked their way around the lack of capture nx-2.  A lot of these people use other editing programs than Nikon's.  Some people learn to use other programs besides Nikon software which are as good or better.


Third party support rarely has been there at day one, the only thing that is different this time that Nikon's raw converter, which I'm pretty sure only a minority actually uses, doesn't support U-Points anymore. Whipping this up to 'D810 not having a proper workflow' is a small minority wailing about having to modify their workflow.

This is not to say that Nikon should not enable third party raw converters to achieve the same quality as theirs (or offer better software themselves) but this almost nothing to do with the D810.

(One might ask whether enabling third-party raw converters to match Nikon's would enable other camera makers to match Nikon's in-camera jpegs which to some degree can provide a competitive advantage to Nikon.)

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