Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Re: Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

blue_skies wrote:

Michael Everett wrote:

I have a Nex 7 with lots of good lens: Rokinon 12/2, Sigma 30/2.8, Sigma 60/2.8, Touit 32/1.8, 2 18-55 kits, including a black Made in Japan. I also have a bunch of legacy lenses, including a few Minolta MD's and Canon FD's.

I am trying out an A6000. The faster AF and the better sensor at high IQ make it appealing, but I'm not sure the trade gives me that much more and is really worth it.

I could sell the whole set-up and go for the A7, but I would not be able to buy much more than the kit lens. (Don't ask, let's just say that I value my marriage).

Does the A7 with a kit lens give me anything in IQ on say the A6000 or the Nex 7 with something like the Touit 32.

I can stay with the 7, sell it and one kit lens and get the 6000, or go all in on FF. I'm interested in lots of shooting except sports, and right now I want to stick with mainly AF.

Any thoughts would be helpful, as I'm trying to make as informed a decision as possible.

BTW I can speak at some length on 7 vs 6000 but that's been covered a lot.


The A6000 improves on the Nex-7, but only for high ISO.

The A7 improves on the A6000, but only for high ISO.

The A7 *can* give you more DR and shallower DOF, but only if you seek it.

If you want to shoot above ISO 1600 with your Touit 32, sure, the A6000 lets you go to ISO 3200 and the A7 pushes you to ISO 6400 (with the FE55) for comparable results. The A7 does give you an additional stop, so you can push this one more stop by using shallower DOF in your composition.

The A7 let's you use legacy lenses as they were designed for (FOV), but you may or may not be happy with the edges - either field curvature/composition/DOF related, or edge smear on some lenses and apertures.

If I were you, I would pick up another lens, such as an E50, the E24, the Touit12 or the E18200. Each will address a different part of your camera usage.

I'm thinking of something such as the E24.  I have found the Rokinon 12 to be a great lens, and although MF, it doesn't matter all that much at that FL.

Then, in about 6 months or so, I would pick up a used A6000. The A6000 does get you PDAF, but your lenses means that you only get this with the kit lens - wait until you have more native E-mount lenses that support the fast PDAF.

Even without PDAF updates the lenses that I have already work much faster of the 6000.  I am hoping that the numerous rumors that the Touit 32 will have a firmware update in August will be true.  If that's the case there would be no question I would jump on the 6000.

And forget about the A7 for now...

You and others that have responded are convincing me of that.


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