Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Re: Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

nevercat wrote:

What is it that you don't like in the Nex7? Or is it just the lust for a new toy? (a very good reason to get a new camera).

I still use my Nex 5, I know the newer cameras with E-mount are all better then the camera I own, but the IQ of the Nex 5 is good enough for me. The same may be true for you. When you still like the Nex7, why should you buy a new camerawhen the camera you own is good enough? You can save yourself a lot of money when not buying every new camera that comes out. You can use the money you save on lenses...

I am looking at the 6000 for two main reasons.  The most important is AF.  My favorite lens is the Touit 32, and it is slooooww on the 7.  I was at a family wedding recently, not as the pro, but as one expected to deliver some additional good photographs (I have been around long enough to know to avoid acting as the professional at a wedding, especially a family one), and thanks to the 7 realized I was missing a lot of shots because of the AF.

Second there is indeed an ISO difference between the 7 and 6000.  I have had the 7 for about two years, and have never been entirely happy with the noise issue, at most ISO's.  I am trying out a 6000, and have been surprised at just how much better it is.  I also like the overall tonalities of the 6000 better, and I shoot RAW almost exclusively.  That's especially true with the Touit; it seems a better fit with the 6000.

There are a number of other little features, such as the ability to set the AF so it works only when you press the shutter half-way.  With the 7 you have to set up a toggle to keep it from grinding away all the time.  I also like the 6000 gives you more customizability -- if that is a word.

My wife of course thinks I have GAS, but I have stuck with one main camera for two years -- pretty good for me.


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