FZ1000 Likes/Dislikes and compared to RX10.

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FZ1000 Likes/Dislikes and compared to RX10.

In a nutshell the I really like the FZ1000. It is fast and responsive. The start up time is blazing fast. The image quality is what I hoped it would be. And the Auto Focus is awesome! (This is the bulk of what I want to say) The rest of this will be nit picking.

I do wish the AEL/AFL button wasn't tucked up so high into the EVF area. I use that button for focus lock and exposure lock routinely and its positioning makes it very hard to use 1 handed and feel secure. The grip is great so its not going anywhere but its not comfortable and I have medium to large sized hands. Also your thumb feels like it can get stuck under the EVF cup.

I don't like that you cannot apply the Creative Effects while doing .RAW development or to the JPEG. I can apply these after the fact on my LF1 and find them useful and fun, so this is a disappointment.

A few other things you cant do; you cant use the flash at all in continuous shooting. I am fine with that for the on board flash, but I cant fire my off camera flash in Multi mode while in continuous, which comes in handy when photographing events.

Flash is also disabled with eshutter and silent shutter, which is fine, but something you need to keep track of.

The Macro Zoom is JPEG only, which is strange but I can live with.

Compared to the RX10

If I have to pick one, I will stay with the FZ1000 but there are some many things I prefer about the RX10.

I am about to commit blasphemy in this forum! I prefer the Sony Menu system to the Panasonic.

The FN/Quick menu on the Sony showing all 12 options in little clean boxes along the bottom is great. With the FZ1000 I find myself scrolling through the quick menu without the confidence I will find what I am looking for.

The Sony doesn't allow Focus lock using the back button but does allow you to use Eye AF with the center select button. I havent used the Facial recognition on the Panny yet, but it worked well on my other Pannys.

I dont have both with me here to compare but If I had to bet based on my memory, I would say the Panny zooms from 25-400 in the same time it takes the Sony to go from 24-200 which means its definitely faster. Again I cant do a test, but the Panny zooms pretty fast for an electronic zoom.

It did start to rain yesterday on my hike and I had to put a subway sandwich bag of the panasonic, so the Sony wins in this department. My guess is the Panny would be OK in light mist or with a few drops, but I didn't want to risk it.

I do love having a built in ND filter as it comes in handy way more than you would think, so the Sony wins there.

The Sony wireless control is acceptable and works fine, but the Panasonic wifi and App gives you almost full control over the camera and has a better design.  So the Panasonic Image app wins over the Sony Play Memories app.

For indoor shots of performances on stage, I would have said the Sony wins with the f2.8 at 200mm but because the AF is not as rock solid as its little brother the RX100M3 I have and not nearly as good as the Panny AF, I am going to call this a draw.

The Panny EVF has more detail and has better refresh, but the Sony EVF was great was easier to survey the edges to me. But I still give the nod to the Panny for better EVF.

I think if Sony improved their AF and managed to extend the focal length to 300MM at f3.5 or f3.2, improved their EVF, and kept everything else the same on a Mark 2 version, I would prefer that at $1000 or lower.

I am going to give this camera a 5 star rating because I feel like this type of innovation needs to be rewarded and you cant go wrong by owning this and using it for so many types of photography.  It replaces the need for carrying many pounds of lenses for the average or enthusiast user.

Here are my galleries for both

Panny: http://www.scottzinda.com/Point-and-Shoot-Cameras/Panasonic-FZ1000/

Sony: http://www.scottzinda.com/Point-and-Shoot-Cameras/Sony-RX-10-Test-Shots/

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