Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Re: Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

W5JCK wrote:

I've got both a6000 and a7. I use the a7 mostly for astrophotography and other low light situations. It really excels at that. It would excel at most any kind of photography, but you need a higher skill set to get great results with a FF on a consistent bases. A FF camera will quickly point out your weaknesses in photographic skills.

I'm not worried about the skill set issue.  I've been in photography as an amateur and semi-profession (I did paid jobs but never gave up my day job) for about 30+ years.  I also find the Nex 7, not the first DSLR, EVIL or MILC camera I have had, is pretty good at pointing out photographic shortcomings.  I have also used MF lenses extensively with the 7.

I thought from your handle you might be into amateur radio.  From your call I assume you are or were in the Southwest.  I used to be W5ZHA, but let my license lapse a number of years ago as I had too many other activities, both professional and hobby.


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