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Re: 24mm + Raynox 150?

captura wrote:

Nikolausz wrote:

Eduard E wrote:

If the ECU is very close than my guess is the 30 + ECF.


I don't really understand the negative reactions of the people. If you think it's a silly post, then just ignore it.

Was there any photo with this lens combo before on dpreview??

Maybe somebody could use this thread (even if the conclusion is that to avoid this combination)

Thanks for your wasted time

I thought it was a very interesting question that you posed, and thank you. I don't remember anyone ever posting pictures before of the 30 macro with either the ECU or the ECF. I don't have the ECF, but I was planning to try the 30 + ECU + NEX-7 combination myself, as I said.

I am very impressed with the results you achieved and I am now confident of what the 30+ ECU will do for me. It just shows the cheap fun you can have sometimes, with Sony.


Yup. An interesting thread and nice pictures too and I really don't get the negativity... mostly from Americans...

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