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Re: Honeslty, if you want to do portrait work........

tedolf wrote:

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tedolf wrote:

So, stop down to about f/8 and you will get a DOF of about 8-10 inches.

Now, you have to ask yourself why did you spend so much money for a f/1.8 lens when you really can't use it wide open for the types of photo's you want to shoot!


Yeah, thats what I am asking myself now

with lenses shot wide open (higher shutter speeds, lower ISO) the u 4/3 format is probably ideal.

Are you serious ???

The FF can do all the m4/3 format does, the m43 does not have a dof advantage, just stop down the lens if you want to have more dof.

It is better to have more choice ( shallow or deep dof) so pretending that the m43 is ideal is nonsense.

Also, have a look at the prices of the very "fast" m43 lenses (not so fast considering the sensor size...).

Also, the sensor aspect ratio is a better match for printing than the 3/2 format so you aren't cropping so much.

I would say that neither format have an advantage. I personnaly believe that the 3/2 format is the best compromise (and best viewed on a monitor display) but the 4/3 is better for portrait. I just crop a bit, this is not a big issue..

With the camera you have, f/4 is about as wide open as you can go for a head and shoulders shot and your focus placement has to be perfect. It is worse with FF if that is any consolation.

Worse with FF ?  I don't think that "worse" is the right terminology. Again, FF gives you more choice.


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