Poor 810 sales

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Re: Poor 810 sales - not where I am

inasir1971 wrote:

PatrickP wrote:

That said, the Sony FE mount might prove to be the finally nail in Nikon's coffin regardless how good or how bad D810 sells. A future FE mount camera done right would sound a whole lot more interesting than a future D900 if the D900 still make use of the mirror...

Why? More specifically, if we are talking about higher end full frame DSLRs (D810 class and better) where the cost of the mirror mechanism and optics is not a consideration.

It has nothing to do with cost but capability. Many folks suspect even the Dn and Dn00 series could oneday go mirrorless (or go hybrid EVF/OVF) - in the time frame of next 5-10 years. The traditional mirror/prism OVF approach is becoming more and more of a liability, especially for folks who want a dual-use photo/video device.

I am frankly hoping for the 54mp D900 going hybrid EVF/OVF at the least....

All sorts of mirrorless cameras are slowly taking sales away from Nikon. For FX shooters, at present most of the mirrorless are employed as a secondary camera complimenting Nikon FX, would they one day be good enough to be the primary camera for all but the most hardcore pros?

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