Wide aperture - Pictures out of focus

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Re: Wide aperture - Pictures out of focus

GreenMountainGirl wrote:

From the photo data, I would say that shooting at f/1.8 is overkill. A bright day, a model who is not moving much if at all, and ISO 100 says that you could reduce the aperture size to increase depth of field and get a much better result.

If you were shooting in low light, a larger aperture would make a bit more sense, but still is not optimal for a subject that is not all in the same focus plane. Try shooting the same subject at different apertures to see the difference.

You don't mention what mode you are shooting in - A, S, M, etc. - so it is not possible to know just how you (or the camera) came up with the combination used. But the aperture has definitely caused a DOF problem!


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Thanks everybody!

I shot in A mode with f/1.8 and iso 100. I was just basically playing around with the lens (my first prime). I didn't recompose to avoid focus shift, and I use back button focus.

I am a beginner, maybe it was "wrong" to shoot at f/1.8 for a scene like that, but I was just testing around and I have more out-of-focus photos like that...

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