How important is video in your DSLR ?

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Re: How important is video in your DSLR ?

I have used video in K5 once.

I am not sure I did it right.

I do pull out my P/S to do an odd video (or simply to record music or singing). I use the P/S more than the 'big camera' but I am not concerned with artistic cinemagraphic efforts. Any video I take is more 'documentary' than artistic and the P/S with its zoom lens is more suitable at any given time than whatever I have on the K5. Using the K5 to record church choir seems silly so I don't do it.

+ I suppose I would vote No. 2

I am not quite of the mind all efforts should be directed toward still photos only but I do think no video stuff should be implemented at any expense of still images... A little different perspective. So, I would vote 2 only with reservation...

There have sometimes been rumors that this or that decision for hardware required for video causes some negative result for still images. Usually some increase in noise. Just as often there have been rumors that Pentax' poor video offerings have been so because they didn't want to compromise stills. Except K7...

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