Will Pentax make a camera like Panasonic GH4?

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Re: Will Pentax make a camera like Panasonic GH4?

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I'm a photographer, video is just a waste of R&D and money, not important to me so i hope they focus more on photographers than videographer wannabe's, lets face it if video was so important then you'd have switched a long time ago or invested in something a lot more specialized to video. So ask yourself this, is your interest in video solid and long lasting or is it just a fad because its there?

Having great video is not a bad thing. You can always ignore the feature. Having inferior video means that Pentax will not sell as many cameras as it could with great video. Many of us use both video and stills and carrying two cameras instead of just one, is usually not very desirable. Of course, I hope Pentax follows with improved and competitive video so they can regain some market share and do better as a company. It will also be easier for me to not have to decide on buying another or different system. If Pentax can do it without too large of an investment, I'm sure they will.

I agree with McSpin.

Pentax could have sold a lot more camera's and even posibibly a good following of video guys if they had done a better job with video way back with the k5.

It wouldn't have too much either, manual controls and more FPS options and at that time it would have been a much more usable system and being smaller than the competition, weather sealed and every lens stabilized including primes it would have been hard to match.

Fast forward to the k3 and they added manual video, even a headphone socket yet removed the mechanical sr and shoved in a worse codec.

Its probably to late for them to play catch up now but still, a high quality weather sealed system with mechanical sr (add in auto horizon compensation for video) with a decent recording codec or clean hdmi out and they could still sell some.

If they didn't want to bother with video why even put a headphone port into the camera?

Agree with this - I think the first to market with very good built in stabilization and a healthy choice of frame rates / bitrates and a few video friendly features like on sensor phase detect with decent tracking, articulating screen, and focus peaking (which of course is also just as useful for still imaging) will win over not only a lot of users who want everything in one box but also videographers who will love being able to stabilize all kinds of fast manual focus glass and track action easily when needed. All of these things are being done well today already, just unfortunately not all on the same camera at once

GH4 looks awesome - current u4/3 sensors can capture more dynamic range than the Canon 5DMkIII(!!!) GH4 vs EM1 vs 5DMkIII for perspective but Olympus's built in stabilization is so good, especially at wider focal lengths that I can accept the video limitations of the EM5 for now because being able to shoot smooth video without a tripod is very liberating. Olympus has acknowledged the need to step up their game in the video department so I'm really hoping the EM5 successor does just that - if they do I think they'll win over a huge chunk of the video enthusiast market that still hold a premium for stills photography (which is where the EM5/EM1 really shines now).

IMO Pentax should have come out with a K3 variant with an optional flip out screen like the 645Z and addressed the video stabilization issue.  Then charge a premium for those that want it so at least the option is there for Pentax enthusiasts that would really prefer to stay in the Pentax camp...

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