Nikkor 55-200 or 50mm 1.8?

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Re: Nikkor 55-200 or 50mm 1.8?

I still have my 50mm Nikon from my 35mm days and recently borrowed a D200 and used it with that instead of the zoom lenses that were being carried around in the bag.

The 50mm had some major benefits:

- Low light and kids movement - massive benefit here.

- Subject isolation, bokeh

- It forced me to concentrate more on perspective as opposed to point, zoom and shoot

- Faster, more accurate AF.

Just to conclude, the benefits above are huge for the 50mm - sure a zoom is versatile but the 50mm will make you work to get better photos, and photos that you simply wouldn't with the 55-200mm. Light, cheap and amazing - it's not a choice between two lenses but more like a completely different tool for a completely different job.

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