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Re: Could be DOF lmitations and movement

darklamp wrote:

Wide open depth of field is small at 85mm and f1.8 at these ranges.

There's a depth of field calculator here :


It does not take much for the slight movement of subject and photographer to take you out of focus. A slight sway either way is enough.

Also note that while you may think you have the eyes in focus ( from the focus confirmation ) the focus areas shown in the viewfinder are not always precise and you may be a little off. And with the narrow DOF that can be enough to make it even easier to loose focus.

There could be a slight backfocus, but that's really something I would not suggest until you have exhausted all other possibilities.

You really need to test on a tripod with a static target. Once humans are involved all bets are off with such narrow DOF.

Totally agree.

The shot shown shows a clear misfocus. However it doesn't show the cause.

The model could've moved slightly or the photographer did.

If the photographer used recompose that could explain it as well. Just use an static object and tripod and try it out. As darklamb suggested.

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