My first sky replacement - Critique please

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Re: My first sky replacement - Critique please

This is much better than the other try.  Still a little uneven but that is really picking nits.  I do a lot of cloning at 2:1 or higher magnifications when trying to smooth out things like this and have tried some other tools afterward to smooth out these remaining jagged edges.  Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

I think this is a very good result from the aspect of sky replacement.  As to the comment on the placement of the clouds it didn't really strike me as a problem but after looking again I would say that one often sees a band of blue below the clouds between the base of the clouds and the horizon where the ground is relatively flat.  If that band of blue had been there with the clouds placed higher it may have made it easier for the masking tools to differentiate between the edge of the car and tree line and the sky and also give a look more in keeping with what some people would expect.

You would have to try that to see what you think about it.

Again, a very good result.


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