Will Pentax make a camera like Panasonic GH4?

Started Aug 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
Ian J G Contributing Member • Posts: 702
Re: Will Pentax make a camera like Panasonic GH4?

I for one want them to up their game with video.

Even if they are not the best on offer, they can´t accept being backward compared to the current average... see the disappointing 645z video application with poor codec etc. Sure it´s good in other ways, but they didn´t walk away with a 'they hit this one out of the park' review.

You can say 'I don´t need video'. Ok, Others do want it.

As a general principle, if you implement something don´t implement it poorly. It reflects on you. And pentax is just not at par for the current offer in this regard.

At least be in the pack, not a straggler – for the image it gives, if nothing else (plus a little self-pride).

my 2¢

Don't flame me pls


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